Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

The Trade Centre Wales is fully devoted to promoting an equality-based culture throughout the company. It is evident there are pay gaps between male and female employees however, the disparities can be explained by experience, job role and level of position within the company, particularly the low, but growing, percentage of women sales executives.

As a company we employ significantly more men than women. This is generally typical across the automotive industry however we have no prejudices with either gender when it comes to recruitment for the range of job roles across the organisation. The same ethos is adopted when it comes to promoting from within the company. We only require applicants to exhibit the relevant skills, experience and eagerness to join the ever-growing Trade Centre team.

With the recent opening of our flagship store in the West Midlands we now have more female team members than ever, including some of our leading sales executives. We are excited to forecast a rapid expansion throughout the UK and alongside this we aim to minimise the pay gap.  

This report has been compiled by the company and submitted to the Government UK website as per regulations – Andy Coulthurst, CEO.

Gender pay gap for hourly rate of pay:

Women are 35.3 % Lower (Mean)

Women are 18.8% Lower (Median)

Gender pay gap for bonus pay (data from 12 months preceding snapshot date):

Women are 80.2% Lower (Mean)

Women are 80.3% Lower (Median)

Who received any bonus pay?

54.3% of Men

50.8% of Women

Pay Quartiles

(How many men and women are in each quarter of the payroll at the snapshot date ranging from lowest to highest paid)

Upper Quartile: 91.8% Male / 8.2% Female 

Upper Middle Quartile: 83.7% Male / 16.3% Female

Lower Middle Quartile: 80% Male / 20% Female

Lower Quartile: 73.2% Male / 26.8% Female